A Blockchain Solution
for Data Ownership
and Privacy

Here’s how we’ll do it

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Our philosophy

We are building a completely
new philosophy around the SUN Token Ecosystem
with a revolutionary approach to data ownership.

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User is the data owner. Your data, your choice. Your data, your control.

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User decides what is private and
what is public.

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User should be compensated for any
usage of his/hers data.

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Blockchain and smart contract will secure
data handling and monetization.

Join the world without
data abuse

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Our mission

We want to make users aware of their rights over their data ownership and that only they should be in control of it.

We want to make all other companies, advertisers and internet platforms understand that users should decide how their personal data is used and that they have to be paid for the use of their data.

The easiest way to do this is through a Social Network, which will be at the top of SUN Token Ecosystem.

In order to tackle this issue, we are creating a powerful blockchain and a smart-contract driven social network, where all access to data will be registered in the blockchain and every payment between the advertisers, Sun Token Ecosystem and its users executed by smart contract.

How it is now

How it is now

How it should be

How it should be

How it works

The main concept is:
the User is the data owner.

The whole platform is based on four principles:
data ownership, privacy, compensation, and trust.

SUN Token distribution plan

Token Distribution
Token Distribution

Total tokens




November 2017

Co-founders met

November 2017 - December 2018

Data ownership and privacy ideology crystalized

April 2018

SUN Token name assigned

May 2018

SUN Token Ecosystem
architecture development began

July 2018

SUN Token Ecosystem architecture finalized

1st of August 2018

SUN Token Ecosystem
software development began

6th of August 2018

SUN Token created.
Distribution will start with MVP launch

27th of September 2018 launching

5th of February 2019 - first blockchain organised
social network production started

January 2020

IOS beta version released

September 2020

Android beta version released

January 2021 official launching

Jun 2021

SunCore platform as service launching

December 2021 new features implementing


Development of AI section


The SUN Token Ecosystem architecture is designed as a hybrid between blockchain technology (decentralized public ledger) and classic very fast ElasticSearch database with non-tampering log extensions.

The SUN Token itself is generated on a Stellar platform, where several special accounts will be held.

A blockchain explorer will be available to prove that any access to the data is registered in the blockchain matching database and file system logs.

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